Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Pradhan Mantri", making of India...

Really nice and informative TV show about India's history. Show focuses on post independence era and to my knowledge sticks to known facts. I recommend it...


"Divide and rule" of today's era...

Few points mentioned by Madhu Kishwar :
Tista Setalwad and her organization "Citizen for peace and justice" are creating false propaganda against India and sense of insecurity among minority community; thus paint a picture that safety of minority community is compromised in Gujrat state.
Campaign of such a large scale was never run against any dictator / Military ruler, even British were not successful in dividing nation on such a scale even intellectually.
Tista's prime agenda is "Malign Gujrat and Narendra Modi as much as possible" as she have learnt that none of the accusations against Narendra Modi would stand trial.
Finally and most import point is, these are the people who do not want peace and communal harmony in India and using their campaign for this sole cause.

Link to full interview:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

मूँह की बात सुने हर कोई ...

मूँह की बात सुने हर कोई,
दिल के दर्द को जाने कौन
आवाजों के बाज़ारों में,
खामोशी पहचाने कौन !!

निदा फाजली ह्यांचे जगजीत ने गायलेले हे एक सुंदर गीत ...

महान ग़ज़ल गायक अणि संगीतकार जगजीत सिंग यानी १० ऑक्ट. ला या जगाचा निरोप घेतला... बरयाचदा दुर्बोध आणि अनाकलनीय वाटणार्या उर्दू गज़ला सुंदर-रीत्या रसिकंपर्यंत पोहचवन्यात जगजीत सिंग ह्यांचे योगदान अतुलनीय आहे...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Paimona bideh

Inspired by what he saw, Khayyam fell in love with the Devine and wrote......
Rubai - Omar Khayyam

Paimona bideh key khumar astam
Man ashiq e chasm e mast e yaar astam
Bring me the chalice, so I may lose my self,
for, I'm in love with my Beloved’s intoxicating Gaze.

Chashmat key bagh e khutan memanaat
Royat ba gulab haye chaman memanaat
Your Eyes light up my secret garden
Your Face makes luminous every rose therein.

Gul roo ba kuneed waraq waraq boyee kaanee
Ba lalazar e be watan me yaraat
Face like a flower, it give petals their sweet fragrance
The mystic land of my Beloved is placeless.

Man ashiq e chasm e mast e yaar astam
Bedeh bedeh kay khumar astam
Paimona bedah key khumar astam
I'm in love with my Beloved’s intoxicating Gaze,
Bring! bring! so I may annihilate my self.
Bring me the chalice, so I may lose my self.

Az O madanet ager khaber me dashtaam
Pesh e qadamat kocha ragul me kashtaam
If I hear the message of Your sacred arrival,
Under Your feet, I will spread a carpet of flowers.

Gul me kashtam gul e gulab me kashtam
Khak e qadamt padi dam e war dashtaam
Spread flowers, Spread rose flowers,
I will sacrifice myself at the dust of Your feet.

Paimona bideh key khumar astam
Man ashiq e chasm e mast e yaar astam
Bring me the chalice, so I may lose my self,
I'm in love with my Beloved’s intoxicating Gaze.

Piece played in start is on Rubab/robab by Sadiq Sameer.
It is a lute-like musical instrument originally from Afghanistan. It derives its name from the Arab rebab which means "played with a bow" but the Central Asian instrument is plucked, and is distinctly different in construction. The rubab is mainly used by Pashtun, Tajik, Kashmiri and Iranian Kurdish classical musicians.
He played that piece so nicely, I'm in love with this instrument; I would surely like to listen some more Rubab music!

Sweet voices of Zebunnisa Bangash and Haniya Aslam(Pakistan) do justice to beautiful words by Omar khayyam and increases it's beauty even more.

What can I say about Omar Khayyam? Many know him as a intelligent Persian poet, he also played a role of mathematician, astronomer and philosopher, wrote treatises on mechanics, geography, and music.
He is thought to have been born into a family of tent makers, which he would make this into a play on words later in life:
Khayyám, who stitched the tents of science,
Has fallen in grief's furnace and been suddenly burned,
The shears of Fate have cut the tent ropes of his life,
And the broker of Hope has sold him for nothing!
– Omar Khayyám

Sunday, April 10, 2011

हाँ कुछ लम्हे बरसों जिन्दा रहते हैं...

Gulzar depicts how poem is born ....

एक mood, एक कैफियत गीत का चेहरा होता है...

कुछ सही से लफ्ज़ जड़ दो, मौजूँ से धुन की लकीरें खींच दो,
तो नगमा साँस लेने लगता है, जिन्दा हो जाता है...

इतनी सी जान होती है गाने की, एक लम्हे की जितनी,
हाँ कुछ लम्हे बरसों जिन्दा रहते हैं...

गीत बूढ़े नहीं होते उनके चेहरे पे झुर्रियां नहीं गिरती,
वो पलते रहते हैं चलते रहते हैं...
सुनने वाले बूढ़े हो जाते है तो कहेते है -
“हाँ … वोह उस पहाड़ का टीला जब बादल से ढक जाता है, तो एक आवाज सुनाई देती है”

….. by Gulzar

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Diveagar : Konkan

I was planning a trip to Diveagar recently. It's a small village on Konkan coast in Maharashtra. A place with beautiful and safe beach still not very commercialized, it's perfect place for weekend trip.

While planning the trip I had to dig lot of info, I thought I'll publish it here so that it comes handy for others.


Pune to Diveagar : 200 Km via Tamhni / 248 Km via Mahabaleshwar


Tamini route : next to no traffic, awesome scenery and good roads too

You must plan to tank up in Pune for the entire trip. Pumps on this route are far and few and I doubt the quality of the fuel that is available

Via Tamhini ghat (approx 200 km)

• Pune — Paud – Pirangut Road — Tamhini Ghat — Turn left at Vile
• Vile — Nijampur — Mangaon .You will reach NH – 17. Continue traveling left towards Mahad
• Turn right 500 mts after Mangaon ST Stand on SH 97 to Mhasala. Turn right again on SH98 after Mhasala – Arathi Road Junction – Shrivardhan

(Road map: Pune – Chandani Chauk – Paud – Mulshi – Dongarwadi – Tamhini Ghat – Vile – Nijampur – Mangaon – Lonere Phata – Goregaon – Mhasala – Arathi Road Junction – Shrivardhan. Road is smooth and good. It could be bad for portion of the ghat section. Avoid crossing Tamhini Ghat after 6:00 PM. It is not safe)

Via Mahabaleshwar (235 km)

• Pune — Pune – Bangalore Highway — Surur Village
• Turn right towards Wai — Panchgani — Mahabaleshwar — Ambenali Ghat — Poladpur.
• You will reach NH17 at Poladpur.
• Turn right towards Mahad – Lonere Phata – Goregaon
• Goregaon – Mhasala – Arathi Road Junction – Shrivardhan (SH 98)

(Road map via Mahabaleshwar: Pune – Shirval – surur – Wai – Panchgani – Mahabaleshwar – Poladpur – Mahad – Goregaon – Mhasala – Arathi Road Junction – Shrivardhan. Road is smooth and very good. It is 4 lane toll road (NH4) till surur village (first 80 KMs). Ghat section is also good and safe to cross even in the night as it is crowded with Mahabaleshwar bound traffic.)

Via Bhor (185 km)

• Pune — Pune – Bangalore Highway NH4 — Khed Shivapur
• Turn right just ahead of Khed Shivapur at Bhor Phata
• Bhor — Varandha Ghat — reach NH – 17 at “Hotel Sagar” just outside Mahad.
• Turn right towards Mangaon. Get off the highway at Lonere Phata to Goregaon – Mhasala – Shrivardhan. (SH 98)

(Road map via Bhor: Pune – Khed Shivapur – Bhor – Varandha Ghat – Mahad – Goregaon – Mhasala – Shrivardhan). Road is 4 lane toll road till Khed Shivapur. After that it is not in good shape. Do not cross Varandha Ghat during night as it is not very safe. This is shortest distance to reach Mahad from Pune but road is not that smooth. If you have good 4 wheeler like Scoirpio, Supo, Safari, you may even opt for this route.)





Double bed

Extra bed

How far from beach

Sea food available

Accommodation type



Sameer or Vasant B. Gandre



800 (5 ppl)


5 min



Shri Umesh Limaye

Direction : From Ganesh temple to Limaye school

02147 224490, 02147 224377


No charges

5 min


concrete and tiled roof above

First floor


Suhas V Bapat

Near Marathi school, Dive Agar 402404

02147 224377

Ramesh Awlaskar

Pune : 9960592221 Parag

02147 224707

Pune : 9960592221 Parag

900 (5 ppl) in single room

10 min


Tiled roof

Anand Kelkar

02147 224242

Smt. Vandana Virkud

Near Chaukalshi Mali Samaj Hall, At Post Divegar, Tal. Shrivardhan, Dist. Raigad

02147 225017

1000 : 4 ppl

2 min



Shri Umakant Ganpat Vichare

At Post Dive-agar, Tal. Shrivardhan

02147 225017

Smt. Sucheta Abhaya Bhatawadekar

At – Post. Diveagar, Tal. Shrivardhan, Dist. Raigad

02147 224874


9420423533 (bsnl diveagar)

020-24217953 (Pune)


With food (veg)


Non-veg extra

No package without food


10 min

Yes (on order)

Titled roof

Anant Parker

952147 - 225045

Ramesh Hodgde


1200 non ac (4 ppl)

1800 ac


5 min


Mauli Resort


9869033406 - Shrikant


Db: 1500

Bangalow : 2bhk : 3500

5 min


Anant Krupa Guest House

Mr Mahesh Pilankar


9819801136 (Sagar Mayekar :Mumbai)


No charges

10 min

Not available

Asbestoses sheets roof


Ambiance Cottages, Diveagar

Mr. Vijay Patwardhan

02147-224091, 225334, 225335

Non ac: 1100

Ac: 1600

10 min


Mr. Praful Patvardhan

9420323602, 9420395036

Pinakin hotel

94235 33314, 92255 05830

Non A.C: 1500

A. C. Deluxe:




2-3 min


Photos for some are available on this orkut account (one need to log in to view)

Other sites where you can check out accommodations :

Places to visit

If you are looking for a holiday with beautiful sun kissed beaches away from the hustle and bustle of city, a trip to Srivardhan - Harihareshwar - Diveagar is the right kind of holiday for you.

Srivardhan is a typical Konkani town with a beautiful beach and small wadi's, Srivardhan is the place from where the prime ministers of the Maratha kingdom the 'Peshwas' originally came from.

Somaja Devi temple, Birthplace of Balaji Vishwanath Bhat.

The drive from shrivardhan to diveagar is just superb. many beautiful beaches.spend max time on this stretch. maybe early morning / sunset.

Harihareshwar located at only 18 kms. from Srivardhan is also a beautiful place with with an ancient Shiv Temple and Kalbhairav Temple situated on the beach. Harihareshwar beach is also a very clean and excellent beach. MTDC has very a good resort at Harihareshwar with Tents to stay.

Harihareshwar has spectacular rocky outcrop (accessible only during low tide).

temple Pradakshina till hill top : it has nice view. do not spend long time on that marg, coz water level rises tremendously during tide change.. Hight tide starts in late afternoon like 3 PM.

Diveagar The Shekhadi Road leading to Diveagar is a very pleasant drive as the road is parallel to the coastline and you can see many breathtaking views along the entire stretch of the road.

Golden mask ganesh temple (suvarna Ganesh) also check out original place of excavation.

The Kuda caves near Tale are also worth your visit but are slightly off the road. Visiting Kuda while coming to Srivardhan is more convenient as it is on the way to Mhasala near Mangaon and you will only spend a few hours more. However you are advised to take food and waterwith you as there are no hotels or shops nearby for many kilometers.

Bagmandla Beach
Bagmandla beach Situated near Srivardhan is a very clean and secluded beach near Harihareshwar, you will surely enjoy playing in the white sands and clean water on the beach.You can also take a boat ride from here to the nearby Bankot Fort.


Janjira fort

Infact early mornings are always preferred for Photography, coz the sun rises east, and fort entrance faces the sun in morning. So you can snap some good shots of the fort..

Possible itinerary

Day 1: Mumbai -> Harihareshwar (via Kuda caves) -> Shrivardhan -> Diveagar

Day 2: Diveagar -> Murud-Janjira fort -> Alibaug (via Birla Temple, Korlai fort, Revdanda fort)

Happy traveling !!